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people development-pg电子试玩

provide a stage for making dreams come true for people working hard for their dreams.

development of talents

mind has always been placing development of talents at the prioritized position of corporate strategy, bringing in talents through multiple channels, and providing diversified platform of development for employees. mind actively develops globalized technology and management talents, discovers the talents and puts them in the right position, and is dedicated to building a talent team that is active and innovative, and leads the industry.

career development

based on employee career development, we have 300 expert lecturers, top 100 typical business scenarios, and 800  offline training courses to assist and empower our employees at each development stage.

diversification and inclusiveness
we wish to create one workplace where every one can be the best of themselves. join our team and build your career together with us!

n reasons for choosing mind group

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    full range of welfare care
    covering five social insurance and one housing fund, car purchase, school, marriage, funeral, medical care and other benefits, to solve the staff worries at home
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    cross-cultural working environment
    jointly work with experts from countries such as germany, uk, france and japan, and have opportunities of working abroad.
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    equal and tolerant work atmosphere
    we have platforms such as democratic life meetings, lunch meetings and complaints to fully listen to employees’ voice and build clear and simple interpersonal relationship
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    work opportunities of diversified development
    robust promotion system, rotation of officials and job swaps can expand employees’ horizon and temper their management ability
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    training and motivation system empowering employees
    build an honorary system of full career life cycle for employees, multi-sequence training and development path
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    rich and colorful cultural activities
    the activities under the guidance of the main cultural line are colorful, and employees are happy and feel the power of culture
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employee highlights

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  • zhang pei pei-of product design department of mind photoelectric products
    at mind, we should be proficient in our own businesses first, then provide instructions and assistance to others. we realize our self-worth every time we help others, and adopt a wholistic view when doing things.
  • qin hong-of hp air-conditioning product line of mind thermal system
    attitude is more important than ability in work. if you want success, you need persistence more than talent. improving knowledge and understanding is more important than experience.
  • liu hai yong-of manufacturing department of mind thermal system
    three most important words in dictionary are perseverance, work and waiting. i will build the pyramid of my success on these three blocks.
  • hu yun chao-of production and operation management department of mind photoelectric products
    learning is endless and we should keep drawing from our past. during the daily work of mind, i can learn boundless knowledge from something as small as a standard point, or as large as a major project. the knowledge is like rain drops and converges into a long river, driving me to grow continually.
  • du rong-of r&d department of baoding
    we use action to influence, personality to steer, knowledge to guide, and experience to handle. we are practical in seeking truth, responsible in our hard work, dare to innovate, work and fight in an active and enthusiastic attitude every day!