【mind optoelectronics】was awarded the title of "provincial health enterprise" in 2023-pg电子试玩


mind optoelectronics

awarded the 2023 annual award

“provincial health enterprises”

actively practicing healthy behaviors and actively participating in health management

healthy enterprises are measures taken by the government to effectively promote the improvement of enterprise management system, health management and service level, health environment, and health culture throughout the province, promote the improvement of workers' health literacy, and coordinate the development of enterprise construction and employee health. they are of great significance for the construction of a healthy china.

winning the crown

       in response to the government's call, mind optoelectronics, together with various departments, quickly responded and established a job evaluation and health team. the ehs team members conducted intense internal communication and discussion, as well as document collection and preparation. finally, on december 5, 2023, they successfully passed the "provincial health enterprise" certification in hebei province, effectively implementing the main responsibility for occupational disease prevention and control of mind optoelectronics company, promoting the improvement of occupational health awareness among workers, laying a solid foundation for the development of healthy enterprises in the future, and jointly helping to build a "healthy china" and a "beautiful hebei".