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2021 (19 th) shanghai international automobile industry exhibition will be on april 19-28 grand opening, electronics appliance co., ltd. to "science and technology, mind creates the future" for the theme, with its cptoelectronics, thermal system, electrical system, mind smart travel many innovation of scientific and technological achievements, with a new attitude at shanghai national convention and exhibition center 2.2h pavilion, 6 be 001 booth, with interests and, with lean phase yue, mind electronic invite you to meet shanghai, mind meet in the future!


wukong met with dolls, help wisdom enjoy / energy saving new experience

with the 10 millionth air conditioning off the production line, the mind thermal system has fully ushered in the "mind ten million era". the system is always based on the principle of user experience and full coverage of the scene, breaking the tradition and understanding the user needs. it will release the "full-scene intelligent air conditioning system- - & # 39; wukong & # 39;" to the world at the 2021 shanghai auto show. function packages with different user groups and different scenarios are launched, such as the female-exclusive function package —— "wukong is more able to please women than bajie".

at the same time, combined with the electric vehicle; intelligent development, launched a new generation of new energy vehicle thermal management solution, the "nesting doll" heat pump system, strong power low temperature range, to create a new energy-saving travel experience.

it is worth noting that, in order to highlight the new needs for user experience between people, cars and scenes, the transformation from functional air conditioning to digital mobile intelligent comfortable space, the intelligent air conditioning experience package for specific user groups will be created to help intelligent and comfortable travel, and let consumers enjoy a more attractive mobile comfortable space.


show the future lamp lighting system                     

from "technology, intelligence, interaction, perception", bring the cockpit photon health center, maintain the healthy environment in the car, and help human health; the world's first full laser light source far and near light module, better expand the vision of safe driving, and revolutionary innovation to full laser lighting.

in order to make consumers deeply feel the full scene experience of intelligent lighting, the new "100 pixel adb module" and "hd megapixel lighting module", which is very worth looking forward to! at the same time, in order to enrich the interactive content, enhance information perception, and create a new experience of human-car interaction, i believe it can bring us a new upgraded sensory enjoyment. mind photoelectric also boldly challenge the modeling and performance limit, to create ultra-narrow lighting "15" blade headlights, and pioneered the car light spiral movement technology, bionic precious "nautilus", developed "nautilus" headlights and many other innovative and scientific and technological achievements, perfectly reflects the beauty of natural harmony of headlights, showing the application ability of cutting-edge technology.

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low-carbon and energy-saving, lightweight and small, and intelligent integration

the new fpc flexible flat wire harness developed by mind electric system can maximize the space, allow the vehicle to reduce the burden, reduce energy consumption, and realize the green travel of the vehicle. at the same time, in order to comprehensively improve the assembly comfort, mind electric system has tried to launch the "multi-form" change of fpc flexible flat safety box, providing customers with the application scheme of the safety box in different shape and narrow space, and conforming to the future development trend of miniaturization.
at the same time, in order to better help customers solve the complex environmental wiring problems, mind electric system adopts laser laser technology to launch the new lds laser laser beam, which perfectly interprets and demonstrates the intelligent, lightweight and miniaturization design concept.

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wisdom for the future, step to meet the four seas

mind wisdom department around the user experience, to create a very visual recognition and technological sense of the "crystal light" electronic shifter. at the same time, in order to improve the humanized care of safe driving, mander has developed a "health monitoring" shifter that can detect the driver's heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen and other physical signs information anytime and anywhere, and a "screen display" shifter with internal lcd screen. the intimate design makes the product glow with humanistic temperature.
it is worth mentioning that, according to the concept of innovative human-computer interaction in future vehicles, germany will launch the new generation of intelligent "welcome light carpet" electric pedal at the 2021 shanghai auto show, so that suv and mpv owners can enjoy convenient travel, but also get intelligent, safe and noble car experience.