bmw customer visited technology show in mind optoelectronics taizhou-pg电子试玩



technical show of mind optoelectronics taizhou plant was successfully held on april 20th. vice president of r&d, senior r&d manager, pre-development manager, lighting senior purchasing manager, purchasing manager, bmw china qmt manager, lighting purchasing and other leaders from bmw germany group visited there.

technical show site


mind optoelectronics innovation department manager jin hui was introducing c03 interaction display screen rear lamp.


customers were watching mini led interaction screen rear lamp product.



mind optoelectronics innovation design director allen is introducing the design concepts of c03rl and v71 headlamp to customers: fully customized interactive display, skillfully solving headlamp regulation problems, etc., which was praised by customers.


mind optoelectronics project manager chen ke was introducing mass production situation of the products, hd display interaction was developed independently for the first time in mind, completing the validation of automotive regulation level and realizing mass production successfully.

visit to taizhou automobile lamp production line

after bmw team finishing products visit, they continue to visit lamp production line of mind optoelectronics taizhou plant and affirm the professionalism of the plant and full preparation for the projects.


mind optoelectronics vice president mr. nafari was introducing the planning for the plant


the customers had detailed understanding of headlamp lighting modules production line in taizhou mind optoelectronics

future prospects

during this visit, bmw team expressed high appreciation on mind's products and witnessed mind's high investment and confidence in high-speed and high-quality development in the future. and hope that through spotlight projects as a start, to achieve more and further cooperation in the future.