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mind group and pizhou high-tech zone signed an investment agreement

on december 1, mind group and if high-tech zone management committee held a project video "cloud" signing ceremony, the project total investment of 1.28 billion yuan, after the completion of the project, will implement with the electric compressor as the core, with new energy source heat pump system and parts research and development, production capacity of base, with 900000 electric compressor, 1.5 million sets of lamp electronic module, and 3.3 million sets of new energy automobile temperature control system.

mind group is divided into photoelectric, thermal system, electrical system and its four business units, is a professional in the vehicle lamps and lanterns, electronic products and ems oem, vehicle thermal management system, high and low voltage wiring harness, electric pedal, electric tail, electronic shifter, electric compressor and other product design, development and production of high-tech enterprises. founded in 1998, mind has a global workforce of more than 16,000 employees and an annual turnover of about 8.5 billion yuan. mind has 10 research and development centers and 29 production sites around the world. mind production, testing, testing equipment is advanced and complete, high degree of automation, intelligence, has obtained a number of invention patents, and has passed the iatf16949 and other system certification.

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based on electric compressor market demand gradually expand at home and abroad, mind group in if international advanced intelligent production base, team industry at home and abroad, the top expert team for products and factory design, product category covering 27~55cc, both high and low voltage control, meet the demand of battery fast charge, research and development reserve r744 technology, respectively in structure, motor, electric control has a number of innovative patent technology. up to now, the prototype has completed the assembly and testing, the products have low noise, high efficiency, lightweight, energy conservation, stable operation, beyond the industry standard; factory production line adopts domestic and foreign advanced equipment, with highly automated, excellent error prevention system, perfect traceability system, committed to international high standard cleanliness control, international standard logistics design, information, integrated, intelligent, intelligent dimensions, to build the top lighthouse factory in the industry.

mind heat pump system with dolls type architecture, modular design, scalability, suitable for bev / phev / hev models demand, heat pump air conditioning and battery heat management, cabin comfort and battery thermal management at the same time, also can integrate motor, battery waste heat recovery system, reduce energy consumption, improve the vehicle range, so as to contribute to energy conservation and emissions reduction, carbon neutral.

the intelligent temperature control project includes three types of products, such as heat pump control module and new energy core components. core technologies such as software, hardware and hardware are independently developed by germany, outperforming the industry in terms of efficiency and lightweight. mind electronic module project includes headlight module, taillight module, led drive, bms battery management system, electric compressor controller, etc. with customized burning test equipment and load aging system, through mature erp / mes / wms information system, accurate traceability of single product can be realized.

the signing of this project is an important milestone for mander to expand its global layout, laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term development and better customer service in the future. in the future, mander will continue to take the mission of "comfortable driving, intelligent world, technology leading and illuminating the future", continue to increase investment in research and development, bring more competitive products and technologies to customers, and make positive contributions to the development of the global automobile industry.