mind was awarded 2021 gasgoo awards top 100 automobile new supply chain of china-pg电子试玩



on october 18, 2021, the third “gasgoo awards” ceremony hosted by gasgoo was successfully held in auto city ruili hotel, and mind was invited to the ceremony.

appraisal and selection of gasgoo awards took 172 days, mind “matryoshka” heat pump system technology was assessed by gasgoo awards judging panel and millions of internet votes to be awarded the title of “top 100 automobile new supply chain of china”!


li guokai (left three), deputy general manager of mind electronics appliance thermal system branch went on the stage to collect the prize


the innovation technology that mind declared to judge panel of gasgoo awards was heat pump air-conditioner for new energy vehicles and battery interactive thermal management system. the system, with a matryoshka architecture, modular design, and robust extension performance, is applicable to the needs of different vehicle models of different levels such as bev/phev/hev. combining heat pump air-conditioner and thermal management of battery, we are able to integrate motor with recycling system for battery waste heat while realizing comfort of cabin and thermal management of battery, which can reduce energy consumption, improve endurance of the vehicle, and make contributions to energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon neutrality.


the title “top 100 automobile new supply chain of china” won by mind reflects the accreditation of the industry towards products and technological strength of mind, and lays a solid foundation for deeper cooperation between mind and more partners in the future. in the future, mind will continue to research and develop advanced technology and products robustly to make more outstanding contributions to automobile market of china.



gasgoo awards

on the award ceremony on october 18, mr. shi jianhua, deputy secretary general of china association of automobile manufacturers, mr. zhu mingrong, director general of auto talents committee of china talents society, mr. yang zhigang, chief engineer of commercial aircraft corporation of china, ltd. and director of wind tunnel laboratory, mr. xu zheng, director of technology center of saic passenger cars, mr. lu xianqiang, chief engineer of product development of chery automobile, dr. dong yu, institute-level special expert of gac r&d center and others attended the third gasgoo awards ceremony as special award presenters.

“gasgoo awards” was initiated by gasgoo. the third gasgoo awards was themed “discover good companies · promote good technology”, and developed on the subject of “top 100 automobile new supply chain” to carry out selection of excellent enterprises and advanced technology solutions by mainly focusing on nine major segments including automatic driving, intelligent cabin, software, chip, electrification of power assembly, vehicle body and chassis technology, interior and exterior decoration, environmentally-friendly light weight and new materials and thermal management, and exhibited the extraordinary companies and leading figures of the industry to the inside and outside of the industry to jointly promote development and progress of the industry.