jlr sta vp visits and guides electronic tour in mandela pizhou-pg电子试玩



on november 3, 2023, jlr sta vp visited manchester pizhou electronics for tour guidance. mind optoelectronics quality director gao feng and pizhou electronics factory manager zhang jin accompanied the tour.

zhang jin, the person in charge of mind pizhou electronics factory, gave a detailed introduction to the overall business situation of pizhou electronics and displayed the main products produced by the factory. zhang jin, the presenter, explained and answered questions about products, processes, and core capabilities at various visit points of pizhou electronics.

subsequently, deputy general manager xing xiaodong guided and introduced mind intelligent control, while minister yan an guided and introduced mande intelligent drive products/production lines and processes.

hrough this visit and guidance, jlr has gained a deeper understanding of our company and established an information foundation for future cooperation. they greatly recognize our assembly capabilities and have provided valuable suggestions and requirements for future cooperation.