hyundai motor group visited mandeb for guidance-pg电子试玩




  • on november 29, 2023, senior leaders of hyundai motor group visited mander electronics for guidance. mr. wu nan, president of mander electronics, and general managers and management teams of various businesses received and exchanged views, and visited mander's key products, technologies and factories.




  • mind team to modern automobile customers detailed display of "air conditioning, wiring harness, automatic driving, lights, electronics" and other industry innovation technology, pre-research products, quality experience, and customer interest and questions for professional answers, rich professional knowledge and well-trained work ability, left a deep impression on customers.



visit the thermal system workshop site

visit optoelectronics workshop site
  • hyundai motor customers focused on visiting the production plant of mind thermal system and optoelectronics. mind team showed customers the company's corporate culture, process flow and industry-leading manufacturing equipment in detail. through close observation of the product production process, customers deepened their recognition of mind products.

  • at the same time, the customer has conducted a comprehensive exchange on the development of our company, technical strength, production capacity, quality control and other aspects, and fully affirmed.



  • the two sides said that the exchange not only deepened mutual understanding, but also opened the door for future in-depth cooperation and laid a solid foundation for cooperation.


  • mind looks forward to more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with hyundai motor group in the future, to jointly promote the development of automotive electronics and electrical appliances, and to bring more high-quality automotive products and services to consumers.