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on september 10, the 2019 frankfurt international auto show officially opened. as the forefront of the major auto companies to show the annual blockbuster models and technologies, the frankfurt auto show can be called "power agitation", volkswagen, mercedes-benz and other car companies have sounded the horn of electrification.

携尖端技术产品登陆法兰克福车展 曼德电子电器开启逐鹿全球之路

mind electronics and electrical appliances press conference site

at the same time, a number of well-known parts suppliers also compete with the same stage, giving the significance of the development of the whole industry. among them, china, which entered the international event for the first time, has attracted the attention of chinese and foreign media and peers with its cutting-edge technology products, and started a new journey of competing for the global market.

mind has become a new star on the international stage

mind electronic appliance co., ltd. business involves photoelectric, thermal system and electrical system three sections.

after nearly 20 years of development, mind electronic appliances in baoding, tianjin, chongqing and shanghai set up eight factories, four research and development center, its more than 7400 employees, including engineers more than 800 people, not only has the first-class research and development production equipment, also brings together the top domestic and foreign experts and first-class research and development team, accumulated a strong technology research and development foundation.

携尖端技术产品登陆法兰克福车展 曼德电子电器开启逐鹿全球之路

mind electronics and electrical appliances in china layout

for a long time, the response speed and flexibility to customer requirements are the enterprise gene of mind electronics. in order to quickly respond customer needs, from the first design sketch to product large-scale production, mind electronics always keep close contact with customers and the supply chain, through synchronous product development, greatly shorten the research and development time and project cycle, and finally effectively solve customer needs.

steady design, high reliability, is the characteristics of the german electronic and electrical products. with excellent technology, production line and supply chain system, mind electronics can not only provide customers with the best cost of product solutions, but also its products have been tested in daily, off-road conditions or long-distance competitions, with excellent quality and performance.

in general, the strong technology research and development foundation, the flexibility and efficiency of setting and disposal, as well as the best cost-effective but reliable solutions, are the three advantages of the german electronics business capabilities.

focus on the three business segments has a number of innovative solutions

at the frankfurt motor show, mind electronics highlighted a number of product solutions that will be put out in mass production or in vehicle testing.

among them, the photoelectric business segment focusing on automotive lighting system, led lens module, new energy vehicle bms control unit and ecu, brings ultra-narrow led modules of different specifications, million-pixel dlp headlights that can intelligently control, adaptive lighting, and laser lighting module that can realize ultra-remote lighting.

携尖端技术产品登陆法兰克福车展 曼德电子电器开启逐鹿全球之路

mind electronic appliances intelligent headlights

thanks to the development, production and integration of the perfect system (including electronic drive and ecu), as well as the 100% quality controlled ecu efficient smt assembly line, since 2019, the front and rear lights, fog lights and interior lights have matched 1.2 million vehicles, and the total production of led modules has exceeded 2.8 million.

携尖端技术产品登陆法兰克福车展 曼德电子电器开启逐鹿全球之路

smt assembly line

in terms of thermal system, mind electronics focus on product solutions that are more energy efficient and effectively improve endurance and cabin comfort. its global power management system and heat flow system realize the detection and cooling of the engine and power electronic equipment, which can optimize the battery thermal management system and effectively adjust the temperature of the car.

for the new energy power, mandwe also developed new products with heat pump and battery cooling function, and successfully completed the test in the prototype car. on the basis of the existing water-cooled condenser, low-temperature radiator, evaporative condenser, internal condenser, water cooler, cooling board and other advanced key components, the performance of the new generation of product architecture and subsystems will also far exceed the current. at this frankfurt motor show, the thermal system section focused on the heat pump air conditioning, super l air conditioning, ultra-thin and efficient heat dissipation module and other innovative products.

携尖端技术产品登陆法兰克福车展 曼德电子电器开启逐鹿全球之路

mind electronic & electric thermal management system

since 2020, the electrical system sector has been committed to the development and production of low-voltage and high-voltage wiring harness system for vehicles. so far, it has obtained more than 100 patents and intellectual property rights.

compared with the traditional wire harness, the device ensures better stiffness and flexibility, volume by 80% and weight by 50%; it integrates bcm, tire pressure monitoring and car lock control, with the help of 4g / 5g module, real-time system diagnosis, error warning and high-speed data transmission, and v2x communication.

携尖端技术产品登陆法兰克福车展 曼德电子电器开启逐鹿全球之路

mind electronics new energy high voltage line harness

with the promotion of the reform of the automobile industry, the electronics, with the characteristics of speed, flexibility and high reliability, are also focusing on electric, networked, intelligent and sharing vehicles, constantly researching and developing and innovating technologies and products, bringing more surprises to customers. and it is by virtue of these advantages, mind electronics in the frankfurt motor show, officially launched the fight for the global market journey.