mind: brilliant starlink technology and process-pg电子试玩


inspired by "starlink", mind adopts the magic cube module to realize the matrix integration of signal and illumination through nine optical lenses, the dimension of lens is only 20mm*25mm, small space occupation, and freely arrangement and combination can be realized, so as to better realize the function of lighting different zones such as lb, hb, drl, position lamp, and ambient lamps.  


among them, ambient lamp adopts the latest innovative processing technology of "brilliant optical pattern mold processing" in mind.  brilliant process thick wall parts makes the lamp appear more refined in lit or non-lit appearance.

static appearance of physical part↑

in addition, brilliant starlink provide more freedom in the design of complete lamp, and it can match the arrangement of modules according to the styling of complete lamp.

customized drl mode that can be used to display different driving modes, different car models, and even express the mood of the owners. at the same time, it supports personalized dynamic welcome scenario, and provides abundant lighting combinations, and enables the headlamp to form a variety of personalized patterns.

"welcome" mode

"homecoming" mode

based on exquisite perception demands of customers, mind applies innovative processing technology to develop automotive lighting patterns, with the surface roughness of ra10nm, so that the patterns present the crystal clear and brilliant effect.

1679033099133803.jpg   6.jpg

general processing                          fine processing

7.jpg   8.jpg

brilliant optical pattern processing              brilliant lighting effect